Couple Therapy

Better Conversations


Every relationship is different. It’s the unique combination of two individuals and what they bring to each other and to the relationship itself. That’s why I find relationships endlessly fascinating. However I’ve noticed some common themes around what couples bring to their first session. 

 Perhaps you are stuck in endless circular arguments. Or there’s a cold distancing between you. It might be that one of you feels they are doing all the emotional ‘work’ for the relationship, and feel that your partner is unavailable to you. There might well be difficulties with sex and intimacy. Or, you might be at the start of a relationship or about to commit further, and have some conflicting feelings to resolve.

What to Expect


 Couple therapy… marriage counselling… relationship therapy – whatever you choose to call it, can help you to see your relationship in a different way. 

 The first step is for us to explore what you what you want to get out of therapy. I can help open up some tricky conversations, including stuff you might have been holding on to for some time, in a safe and neutral space, away from home and family. 

 We can then start to gain clarity on the issues and to see things differently. In short, I can help you explore whether you can find a fresh start together. 

 I work with many different kinds of couples.  I will always try to respect and understand you, whatever your beliefs, behaviours and values.